Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Had surgery yesterday and came home a couple hours ago. Here are some pictuere through my ordeal. I've been told that tomorrow, Wed. will be my hardest day as far as pain, swelling and congestion, so I may not post tomorrow. I will probably be concentrating on how to breathe!
Picture captions are below each pic.
Starting weight: 134. Expected weight loss 15 lbs.

All ready to go back!
First pic in the recovery room. I could breath through both notstrils, so I wasn't panicked. That deserved a big thumbs up!
My splint. It's wired to both my top and bottom teeth. He widened my top jaw 10mm - not the 5 we previously had discussed! Notice how crooked my nose is from the breathing tube!

Just chillin in the recovery room.

left profile.

right profile

In the car coming home. Having a swollen face makes me look younger! nice!

Showing my "Mid-lines" which line up for the first time in my life!
I asked for a mirror the first time I saw Jared in recovery. When I saw my midlines matching up, and my front teeth coming OVER my bottom teeth I started to cry.
Thank you, Dr. Egbert!


  1. You survived day 1!!!!! Yay!!! I love the photo of you in your hospital bed with your LAPTOP! Hilarious!

    I am shocked that is your starting weight. Then again, who weighs themselves with shoes on? You must have had a ton of heavy jewelry on as well as layers and layers of clothing!

  2. How long did you stay in the hospital?

    Congrats btw! That must be so awesome to finally get your surgery done, you should post new pics of how you have recovered over the last few weeks.

    Compared to a lot of people after maxillofacial surgery you look surprisingly intact lol

    1. Hi Dustin! I actually have my whole story posted on here, including a picture I took today - and nearly 3.5 years post op. http://tamarasdoublejawsurgery.blogspot.com/2014/01/tingling-at-almost-35-years-post-op.html
      I was only in the hospital for a day. I wish my insurance would have let me stay in there for 3, because it was really day 2 and 3 where the swelling was sooo terrible and it produced a bit of a suffocation effect for me! Being surrounded by hospital staff would probably have helped with my anxiety - but luckily my good husband stepped in and helped me get through the panic! But I guess I'm just grateful my insurance covered it at all, so I'll stop complaining! :) Take Care!

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