Thursday, July 7, 2016

6 years later

I'm 3 weeks shy of my 6th anniversary for my jaw surgery. My cousin just had the exact same surgery. Trent, if you are reading this - I feel for ya buddy. Just know that it is WORTH IT!

Still numb on my lower lip, on left side and continuing down my chin. Oh well. Still worth it! I had the surgery when I was 34. Since my bone structure had been growing wrong my whole life, I could only attempt to have the surgery to salvage what was left of my right condyle and fix whatever was possible to fix. I'm still happy with the results, although my face will never be symmetrical. At 40 now, I'm comfortable in my skin, and with my (still crooked) smile. I will always advocate for this surgery. As hard as it was, it truly was worth it!

Before surgery - 34 years old

6 years after surgery - 40 years old

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